Houston, Texas – February 24, 2021 – Southwest Power & Light

Southwest Power & Light, a longstanding retail electricity provider headquartered in Texas, assures its customers of Southwest Power & Light's commitment to serving and supporting its Texas and national customer base through the aftermath of the February 2021 winter storm. Southwest Power & Light deploys proprietary hedging strategies that efficiently and comprehensively manage risks, resulting in highly competitive stable rates for our customers -- as such, we will continue business as usual with strong liquidity, and none of Southwest Power & Light's customers will incur any interruptions in our great customer service.

How New Customers Can Enroll

Any customers looking to leave their present retail electricity provider are invited to apply for enrollment onto Southwest Power & Light's competitive and stable electricity plans, available at

No "Dangerous Plans" or "Trendy Gimmicks"

Southwest Power & Light strives to offer solely "suitable" plans for our customers. We made a decision long ago to stay away from offering or marketing "trendy" or "gimmicky" high risk plans such as some competitors’ index plans tied to volatile indexes, which could otherwise endanger our customers' monthly cash flows. "We don't believe index plans tied to ERCOT’s spot market, where prices went from near 3 cents per kWh to over $9 per kWh for almost 96 straight hours last week, are at all suitable for residential or small commercial customers. Moreover, we don't believe the spot market is intended to be relied upon by consumer level customers for that purpose." For any customers still with any competitors' "index based" products, some of which competitors made the news last week in response to sky high monthly invoices to their customers, Southwest Power & Light invites you to consider and review our stable fixed price plans available on our website.

About Southwest Power & Light

Southwest Power & Light continues to earn the highest rating at the Better Business Bureau, presently with an A+ from the BBB, on a scale of A+ to F, with the BBB’s rating based on 13 factors (For more information regarding the BBB, visit
Southwest Power & Light remains committed to helping give back to Texas families facing historic catastrophes. Through Southwest Power & Light's Plan-A-Tree Plans®, Southwest has planted tens of thousands of trees in Bastrop County, Texas in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to aid in reforestation efforts following the wildfires there in 2011, allowing Texans to enjoy Texas wildlife for generations to come. In addition to its Plant-A-Tree Plans®, Southwest Power & Light offers other competitively priced electricity plans and exceptional customer service to homes and businesses throughout the Lone Star State. The Texpo Energy Group, which includes Southwest Power & Light, provides electricity and natural gas to customers throughout North American electricity and natural gas markets, including Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and other markets. For more information about Southwest Power & Light, please visit (PUCT Certificate # 10126 -- Texpo Power, LP, d/b/a Southwest Power & Light).

Important Disclosures

Existing and new electricity customers in Texas should always review and retain copies of the applicable version of their terms of service and electricity facts label, available on our website, which includes important disclosures and details.


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